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a friend of moon and the stars the clouds in the dark & the cold breeze of the wind ✌😘

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  1. Unoma B says:


  2. Arooba says:

    Wait for karma dude :p

  3. Pantho The Tragic Hero says:

    Touching 😊

  4. Abhí says:


  5. Abhí says:

    Can’t wait 😂
    I’m in a hurry

  6. I feel your pain

  7. SeaFish says:

    Nice Poem, and I like your layout. How do you make that?

    • Abhí says:

      Thank you.
      And I didn’t understand what you mean?
      Layout of the blog ?

      • SeaFish says:

        yup layout the blog.
        I’m sorry, I’m new for being a blogger.
        I think I just need to explore more. Sorry hehe

      • Abhí says:

        That is simple. I’m using a theme named Dyad 2. It works well for my contents and is for free. You can look for it. And there are many other good themes you can look for.
        Explore and find the one that works best for you ☺

      • SeaFish says:

        okay. thank you 😬

  8. phonynonie says:

    Hi Abhi, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award as I love your blog. To see more details, click on the link below:-

  9. ellie894 says:

    Oh 😞

  10. Shruti Ohri says:

    Ohmygosh. This hit right in the feels❤

  11. Congratulations!

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