Does money really matter ?

Does money really matter in our life?

does money really matterIt was a normal evening for me just like every other day in the life. Taking a walk of 12 minutes to the temple on a regular basis, spending some time with friends, talk about stuff which they think nonsense but quite intellectual in my opinion.
So I was with this friend of mine. We were drinking coke, discussing life and the way we people live.
A good 15-minute long conversation he left for his home.

Me, on the other hand, waited there for some time, looking around, thinking about things that no one would care about. A few minutes later I left for my place.

On my way, I stopped by a small restaurant asked them to pack some momo for my dinner. While I was waiting for a middle-aged man around 35 came to the same place. He arrived on a bike with his little daughter sitting in front of him.

He parked his bike and entered the shop. I could tell from what he was wearing that he probably worked as labor. There was dust in his blue jacket and brown pants, a little mud in his slippers and feet. I guessed that he hurried his way there for his daughters’ sake.

While he looked tired, his little kid looked like her day just started.  She glowed brightly even in the dark.  She was around 7  or an 8 I guess( I’m bad at guessing children’s age).

She wore a full sleeve red color t-shirt and her trousers were of orange color, not much good-looking but she still managed to look very pretty in those clothes.

Her smile was good enough to light up my day.

Her dad sat next to me and she sat on his lap. She was talking to him about the place and what she wanted to eat. The man whispered in her ear if they should share half of the momo and she agreed to her papa with a beautiful smile.

I could feel the reason he asked her to share the food. I could tell that he didn’t have much money at the time.

Her dad took out some money from his pocket and that kid giggled.
“That’s a lot of money papa”she said,separating the bills for their order.

The man smiled, so did I.

I looked at his hand. There was a Rs 100 note and three of the 10’s.
That’s barely $1.2 and they were paying half of it for the food.
And the food I ordered was twice as their. I can’t even describe how bad I felt for them and even more for me.
I was going to eat twice more than the food they both were having.
I had some extra few bucks left. I wanted to buy her enough to eat but I couldn’t.

(“What hold me back wasn’t greed.
See, I’ve never cared for money. I get my money from my dad. And yes, that is completely normal in our country. You do not need to work part-time jobs for your pocket-money. I don’t like the idea at all but it always has been like this. Also the problem is there aren’t any jobs that we student can afford to work on because we spent all our time in college.

You won’t believe me if I tell you I leave for my college at 6 o’clock in the morning and reach home at 4 in the evening. And no one is left with any energy after such a long hectic day.
I’ll write about this is some other blog.
Okay that sounds better in my head.)”

So like I was saying I wanted to help but I couldn’t. I couldn’t even ask him if I could pay for him. Somewhere in my heart I felt like I don’t want to make that little kid think that her dad wasn’t doing enough for her. I didn’t want to make him  feel bad about his situation.

It wasn’t the first time it happened. I’ve bought food for kids like her a few times. I’ve even fed streets cats and dogs a few times.  Not that I’ve got lots of money. I cut out them from my other expenses. And this time it really feel bad because all I did was just watched.

Not that she was sad with what she had in her plate, neither her dad was but I became.

Money can’t buy happiness.
This saying here is completely wrong


When everything you need to live costs you, money will always buy happiness.
For you by sharing, for others because you shared.

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