One year blog anniversary | 1st year of blogging

A year of blogging.

!!**One year blog anniversary**!!

One year blog anniversary

It’s not been too long when I had no idea of the blogging world.
And now, we’re one year old.
I know One is not a big number in terms of years, but for me, it means a year of blogging
I’m grateful to each one of you out there,
Everyone who reads my words and looks at my pictures.
I’m really grateful to you for being a part of my Life

You people are really amazing.
Every view in my posts motivates me to give my best to this Life.
Every like in my posts makes me feel loved.
Every comment you people do is the reason I don’t give up and keep living my Life
See, without you guys I’m nothing.

I know I’m not much of a blogger,
I post very less & not everything I post is great stuff.
(And I don’t respond on the Blogger Awards Nominations. I am extremely sorry of that, I don’t mean to disrespect you guys but I don’t consider myself that good to receive such huge appreciations). But I hope you have enjoyed your time here.
Trust me when I say you people make me the happiest.

This year has been great.
I can feel in me, blogging has helped me improve writing
and made me better as a person
I have gained a beautiful opportunity to explore my knowledge of love, friendship, and life.
If any of you aren’t into blogging and looking to start it, this is a perfect time.
Just get started. The more you delay, the more you’ll regret later.

Thank you for being a part of my life.
It’s been a beautiful journey so far and I hope to continue as long as I’m in love with the clouds, the moon, and the stars.

Lets live a wonderful Life
After all its a beautiful Lie.

19 thoughts on “One year blog anniversary | 1st year of blogging

    1. It was great.
      a little hard in the beginning but slowly it became super fun. The more I uploaded, the more I saw myself growing. The response of readers in the comments and mails encouraged me.

    1. congratulations on your first step.
      My advice as a fellow blogger would be to write or upload content at least once a week( that’s what I do).
      And do read others post, drop a comment, anything you feel about what you just read and ask them to visit your site too.
      And focus on giving good contents to your reader, your followers will definitely increase with time

    2. and there are other SEO and stuffs to increase traffic in your site, you can look for in google.
      Hope this helps.
      Have a Lovely day ahead. 😀💜

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