What does personal growth mean?

Trying to learn about oneself.

Personal growth can be simply defined as a process of enhancing a better version of you today than you were yesterday. It is a positive development process.

Personal growth is also often referred to as personal development. It is a life long process that teaches you to be grateful and appreciate what you have. And it also shows how you live a beautiful life rather than just existing.

Evolution has always been a part of human life. The changes that we have experienced in the present world is immense. The services we use like transportation, communication, health and medicines, and gadgets keep changing. Even the way of gaining an education is slowly changing.

Then, why are we still the same old person we were a few years ago?
It is because we haven’t discovered the value of personal growth.
We do not understand the need for self-development and changes.


Personal growth helps you to improve yourself both mentally and physically. And if you fit from in and out, life is more of a bliss than misery. Personal growth is a positive change, and it improves your vision, creativity, and the way you think about this life. You learn how little things can provide you great joys and the biggest of the problem can be solved without fearing it.

Since we now know what personal growth means and why it is a necessity, let’s know about a few things which can help us accomplish it.

Here are few tips which I follow to improve myself and can help you too:

1) Learn to be grateful

We grow in an environment where we see people always complaining about a thing or two in their life. While there are a few things that we wish if we could change or omit from our lives, there are many things we are blessed with. Yet we only complain.
So I want you to look at your life, your family, friends, your pet, or anyone and anything that matters to you and be grateful that you are blessed.

Learn to be thankful and appreciate good things happening to you.
Learn to express gratitude.

2) Keep yourself surrounded by good people

What you need in life is lots and lots of positivity. And positivity comes from good people.
Those who nothing but whine about their misfortune and others are the ones you should stay away from. Spending your time with such people will always be a waste. It is a different thing if you are trying to change them but else keep yourself away from such people.
Instead, surround yourself with people who seek knowledge and are willing to share it with you. Ask them about your weakness and try to overcome them.

You won’t improve if you keep yourself hidden in a cave. So meet lots of people, whether, in real life or a virtual, it doesn’t matter if you are learning good things.

3) Seek knowledge outside from your school or college

What you have received via your formal education is good stuff, but it definitely is not enough. When you are living in a world where people are from different fields of culture, you need to have multiple ways of interacting with them.
Imagine yourself with a bunch of people who are talking about SpaceX and Mars colonization, and you have no clue who Elon Musk is.
Or about the new iPhone that Apple is about to launch, or the new way of marketing. Won't you feel odd and left out?

Do not be this guy

Keep yourself updated with the current world business and science.
Also, science is a fun topic to talk about, give it a try.

4) Skill development

Multiple skills about various topics are becoming a necessity in modern time. Whether you are going for an interview in a big company or you want to start one of your own, you need to have skills more than one.
Not only they help you to earn money but also allows you to mentor others in the same field.

For examples, you can learn web development, graphics designing, digital marketing, or any other skill that is currently in high demand.

Try photography or blogging or coding, whatever interests you the most.

5) Logical Thinking

Being logical is very important for growth. If you are a person who blindly follows others' opinion without understanding what it really means, chances are you can easily be lured into believing wrong/negative things.
Every word you speak, and every action you make may have multiple meanings, and people might take it differently.
Be sensible. Try to make yourself clear about every opinion and ideas you have.
This will make you capable of thinking clearly and help you see the bigger picture.

6) Spend your time wisely

This is no big topic which I need to explain in depth. We all know how important our time is for us. If we waste it carelessly, we will not be able to be productive. Always keep this in your mind that time is the most valuable asset to us, and we should invest it properly.

Make a habit of doing all your important things at the correct time. If you have leisure time, spend it on learning a new skill or honing what you already have.

Choose your hobbies carefully. What you enjoy doing might not always be the best thing for you.

7) Be Spiritual

Being Spiritual is different than being religious. It is a state of your consciousness when you begin to understand that there is something positive higher form of energy which you are a part of.
This may sound new to those who have no idea about it, but being spiritual actually helps a lot in your growth.

Just do meditation every day, fill yourself with positivity, do yoga, and you will notice the changes in you.

We will understand Spirituality better in another blog.
For now, just meditate and practice yoga.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is an Indian yogi, mystic and an author. His book Inner Engineering entered in The New York Times Best Seller list and gained also many other recognition

Sadhguru, for me has become a huge inspiration. I recommend everyone looking for a spiritual knowledge to follow his videos.

I am focusing on my personal growth, and I feel more positive.
I have learned a few new things which will help me in my career.
I am now more confident in public as I can easily make conversations.

Another very effective thing to do for your development is to read books. Books will help you grow and make you wise.

Listen to podcasts. There are many intelligent minds out there sharing there knowledge. Your mind can store unlimited amount of knowledge, try to fill it with positive stuffs, as much as possible.

Grow wise, grow kind.

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Brave, you already are
Now be kind and wise


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