She smiles.

She smiles and I hate it.

I tell her she is beautiful.
she smiles.
I praise her beauty, her little eyes, her pointed nose and that perfect curve made by her lips.
She smiles.
and I hate it.
Actually it’s not that smile, but the reason behind it.
Because I’m the reason she smiles like that.

Please don’t smile cause I don’t wanna fall in love again

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I hate that she smiles every time I try to confess my love for her.
She smiles because she doesn’t know what to do.
She feels awkward because she doesn’t feel the way I do.
And the best thing she considers to do at that moment is to smile.
Of course it feels bad to see that smile.
Had it been the other way
Had she smiled like I do for her,
to let her know how much i adore her,
I’d have died for that smile.
Her smile is the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen.
But she smiles cause she doesn’t love me.
She smiles cause she feels weird
Whenever she wants to ignore my feelings without saying a word
She smiles and I hate it.

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