She smiles and I love it

She smiles
And then she laughs
Those pearls,
I can see it in her eyes
When I call her name
She closes her eyes
Wipes her cheeks
Pretend to sneeze
But she fails.
And the tear falls.
She smiles.
Every time her heartaches, she smiles.
Every time she remembers how her love betrayed, she smiles.
Sometimes at her luck, sometimes in love.
It amazes me every time I see her.
What a strong lady she must be, to put on such a kind smile
even when her heart is bleeding from inside.
She is a wonderful person.
Loving, caring and kind, she really is one of a kind.
But the most beautiful thing about her, I believe, is her smile.
It reflects her beauty, courage, and bravery.
I love how she can hide all her fear behind that smile
and face this world like a queen.
She is a star, born to conquer hearts.
Her sorrows and sufferings may live inside that broken heart, but mine disappears every time I see her smiling.
Her smile is ease on my eyes and peace on my mind.
Sometimes, she is foolish to believe that she needs to smile forever else she may reveal her weaknesses and the world might prey upon her.
She is tired of trusting people and doesn’t believe that she can be happy.
She has no hope that she will be loved.
Little did she know that I love her as much as I love her smile perhaps even more.
When she feels broken,
she cries,
tries to hide it
but sometimes she fails and tears falls
Quickly she wipes it and then she smiles
sometimes at fate, sometimes at life.
Her smile is my favorite one.
She smiles and I love her.

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