What is Love?

a long blog post about love.

What is love?
A blog about Love.

Why do you believe you have never been loved?
Do you know it has always been there with you?
Do you have any idea how easily you fall in it?
And why is it that you think you will never find one?

You have always been in love
And you’ll always be in..

what is love

You were first loved before you even existed in anyone’s imagination.
God made you possible because he loved you.

There are people who loved with you when they first heard news of your arrival in a womb where you lived for 9 months.

You always have been loved since the first time your mother touched your skin.

It was since the first time you cried and your father held his head high, in pride.

Love was there when you had a nightmare and you slept the rest of the night, holding your mom’s hand tight.
It was there when you were sick and your mom didn’t let you go out if her sight
Instead, she stayed even after you were asleep with her right hand in your forehead and her left hand supporting her head thinking if there was anything that could make you feel alright.

It was there all those folk and fairy tales your grandma told you some nights.

It was there when your grandpa brought you the chocolates and your favorite frooti and you got surprised.

It was there when your dad used to call at nights when he was away from home, for work so that you would never live a sad life. And when he used to come home twice or maybe thrice a year sometime, it was there when you hugged him tightly.

It was always there, even when you had that little fight with your brother and everyone got angry at you but your aunt took your side.

It was there in the dark and in the light, it always stayed by you.
sometimes in a form of a dog who wagged its tail when you got home from school & cuddled with you on the couch for late
Or the cat that often scratched you but you couldn’t hate.

Remember that girl, you saw on your first day to a new school,
the orange t-shirt and a burgundy skirt, that matched with her sisters’.
She sat on the first seat of the bus, just in front of you & later you found out she was also a newcomer and you were on the same class.
How funny it was, that she ended up being your first crush.
For 3 years, you couldn’t speak a word to her yet knew all about her favorite songs and stuff. The day you wouldn’t see her, that stupid sad look on your face you made.
Oh, darling ! that look is a kind of love.

Another school, another class & another crush, and again you didn’t have the guts to talk to her.
And how shocked you were when you saw her in the same class, in the high school too.
Remember the early morning you woke up with a nightmare and the rest of the day you were afraid because you couldn’t see her in class. And the same day when your friend told you she left the high school to go to study abroad, the sad face you made and the sad song you played for that week.
And even after months, you used to open her Facebook to stare at her only picture.
It was that sad song.

The next year, another class, a new girl who used to sit just in front of you.
The time you secretly noted her cell phone number but couldn’t even send a text.
Remember the courage you built up for the first time, sent a text to her and waited for with your heart beating loud as thunder. And when your phone rang, you opened it at a lightning speed and to see her text, didn’t it feel like the snow, so soft.
The talks which begin since then and within five months you both thought you were made for each other.
Remember the first time you wrote your first poem. It wasn’t a good one but how happy she was when she read about her in your words. The way you cared for her,
everything you did to bring the bliss. Well I know it didn’t last long but that was one hell of true love.

how you started writing poems after poems about her,
about love.
She was the perfect definition of love.

what is love

Love is the commitment to God.

Love is something that you feel when you see your mother after a long time.
It is something that brings a tear in your eyes when you realize how hard your father works just because you can live a good life. It is the feeling of joy when you realize you and your brother are alike.
It is something that reminds you of all your grandma’s stories.
It is something that keeps you alive because your old grandpa is sick and you are worried.

What about the friends whom you always annoy?

It is when they hear you pour your heart out
And cry out loud
It is when you share that bottle of beer for every heartbreak.
It is when one of you gets drunk and the other one teases him with the name of his crush.
It is when your friend calls your name each time your crush passes by.

Leave them if you don’t feel the same.

It isn’t limited in your family and friends
The neighbor aunt who most of the time sounds strict but treats you like her own child, the shopkeeper who gives you six chocolates when you had money only for five.
The blessings that the old beggar you meet and greet with a smile,
It’s there in the blessings he gives when you feed him with your own hands.

Love is everywhere.


It is the lyrics of the Ed Sheeran’s song
which you sing,
It’s in every photograph you take
It’s in every story you create.
It is the compliments that people give when your words make them smile
It is that every drop of tears those words bring in their eyes.

So, what is it?

Love is the faith your parents and friends had in you when rest of the world was sure there is nothing good you can do.

These little things in life
Is what I call
Love <3

Thank you, everyone, If you have made it to the end I really appreciate.
If you thought it was too boring to read, here are some words which I hope you will like.

Love is care, affection, attachments & commitments. It is something that brings you joy . It is a reason that makes you smile for no other reasons. It is the tears that flows because of happiness.  It is the reason you are alive. 
It is the reason you want to survive.
So, please believe in it.
And spread it.

And if you like what you read, do share with your loved ones.
Share your opinions about love in the comments below.
I try to write poetry, prose, stories, and songs too.
So please follow Life and live it along with me.
Have a lovely day.

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    1. I always found long posts to be boring..but this one was fabulous. Yes, you are right, life long we get loved….It is always the love which makes us.😍loved it

      1. Hey.. Thank you so much for spending your time to read something I wrote. I know it a long post so this really means a lot. <3

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