• Letters never sent

    Since i last heard from you.

    Dear someone, I remember, i saw my friends talking to you They liked you a lot. I wondered, what was it that made you so special. After a few years, I saw you again This time you looked different than the last time i saw You looked carefree, You were a little shut in before Only if i knew it back then That you acted strong Too hide the storm That you were trying to escape from. Was it the fate Or a mere coincidence We both made common close friends And thus after seven long years Our silence came to an end. I remember our first chat After that…

  • love quotes
    Letters never sent

    A letter you will never receive

      a love letter for her. Dear someone, It’s been a long time since i last saw you. In other words, its been a long time since I’ve felt alive. The only time I’m smiling these days is when i’m thinking of you. See, i never believed in love at first sight and i don’t believe even now. But i remember the first time i saw you. I remember the day, what you wore and how you exactly looked. It felt like the time stop for a while. I was so lost in your beauty that i constantly kept thinking about you for days, nothing else but you only. And…

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