• Poems

    From the beginning

          Sometimes i feel my poems are getting old, there are no stories left untold. And then i ask questions to myself. “do i really have  no stories to tell” “i mean i thought i had a library of literature in my mind, literature of my own kind.” and i don’t recall telling every single one of them to the people. “so, where are they ?”i speak to me again. I’ve told the tale of the moon, the beauty of the raindrops fall, the new year eve, the way she smiles & I’ve told about the time when it was clean and clear to me that changes happen…

  • Poems

    Why we can’t be friends

    Will it ever be same like before You ask Let me tell you why we can’t be friends anymore Let’s go back in the time And rewind some pages from memories of mine All the times you smiled All the times you cried Well i don’t find it anymore You don’t need my shoulder to shed tears You don’t grab my hands when you’re in fear You don’t need me to make you laugh Then tell me, why should i stick around. You don’t care why i laugh You don’t care when i cry You don’t miss me when I’m away It’s like you aren’t even trying Darling you know…

  • Poems

    An addiction you’ve become.

      I saw you In my dreams the other night You looked gorgeous,  i swear I never saw you so beautiful in real life. I was leaving for somewhere in the dream But you asked me to stay As you held my hand “What is the hurry, my love Can’t you spend some time with me ?” You asked. I don’t know where i was supposed to go But i didn’t. I stayed. I sat by your side and looked in your eyes. The small & black & beautiful Your eyes are beautiful. And your smile, The most beautiful I’ve ever seen. And that’s the last thing remember. Time and…

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    How it felt to be loved

    I’ve forgotten   That touch of yours,   The way you held my hand   Played with my hairs   And pinch me in the cheeks. I’ve forgotten   That voice of yours,   The way you called my name,   Sang my favorite song   And laugh with me all the time. I’ve forgotten   How it felt to be loved. I’ve forgotten   The time when we were teenagers,   The late night phone calls,   The hundreds of texts everyday,   And your phone number. I’ve forgotten   The years we were together,   The memories me made,   The times when I was a stupid,  …

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    Her hand in mine

    When the mountains echoed her voice I remember those days when we used to hold hands & look at the sky gazed the stars at nights and the moon shining bright. Where are those days now, I often find myself asking the question Has she gone far or am I lost in the time This journey I begun after she waved her last goodbye How far have I come I look back and realize Its been so long, yet it seems like yesterday How weird is the time Oh! I miss your hands in mine. Don’t ask me how many miles have I covered After she left me & I…

  • arthabihin

    Something that you had.

    something I wanted something that you had something I gave you something you broke into little pieces smaller than drops of my tear Couldn’t hold you forever cause you pretended being near and now you’re gone leaving me alone something you returned me something that was mine something you said to me something that last time you gave my heart back full of wounds and scars you said that you loved me before you went so far and now im alone waiting for you to come home something we had something between us something you broke something we called trust when you said that you love me & then left me…

  • sunsets

    Gray or the Red.

    A blind man’s search for colors. I saw the gray color Thought everything was back to normal But who could have guessed it was cloud gathering at a place To drench me in the rain. I then saw the red Thought i finally got some love But who could have guessed It was the wound in my heart Spilling out the blood.

  • Poems

    Purple & the Silver

    I saw purple Thought it was the royalty calling me to be their king But who could have guessed it was the mystery I’d get trapped in. I then saw a silver I thought to ran away from the cold But who could have guessed it was the prestige That i left behind.

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