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Why am I ? 1 0

Why am I ?

Why am I not a ray of the sun that touches your skin ? Why am i not the moon which you look through the window ? had i known you love things that...

poem about life 0

Dear me; A letter to myself

A letter to myself A poem about a person thanking to his future self for becoming who he has become. Hope this brings a bit of positive energy for you. poem about lifeWhere have...

poem about life 2

Motivational poem: He is a superman

Motivational poem “That guy Fat, ugly, bald How fearful he looks He will scare children Stay away from him, he might hurt you”They say. Someone please go and tell them Unlike them He’s a...

Depression, my friend | Poem about depression 3 8

Depression, my friend | Poem about depression

Poem about depression A friendship of the writer with depression, which he says is a demon inside his head compelling him to give up on life. Read how he overcomes from it. This demon,...

love poem for her 13

If you ever fall in love.

If you ever fall in love, let me be the one you fall for When the silence in the dark breaks with your voice When the moon is jealous of you and it has...

When I’ll ask you 0

When I’ll ask you

Time fly Like a bird in the sky But the difference is It will never come back Like the bird returns to its home And my feelings for you Is like the time It...

From the beginning 0

From the beginning

      Sometimes i feel my poems are getting old, there are no stories left untold. And then i ask questions to myself. “do i really have  no stories to tell” “i mean...

Why we can’t be friends 2

Why we can’t be friends

Will it ever be same like before You ask Let me tell you why we can’t be friends anymore Let’s go back in the time And rewind some pages from memories of mine All...

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