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pour some rain on me

Pour some rain on me, Please

pour some rain on me I’ve got a fire in my heart It’s burning everything It reminds me of the pain I once felt in past, the one of a kind, The cheating and...

Let her see the sky.

Oh dear clouds, Please fly away from there Please wait a little before you meet the earth You can come to my place if you want I will hear your words, but Let her...

Just how precious you are to me

How Precious You Are to Me. When the moon rises up in the sky I talk to it about you I tell it how beautiful soul you have that ignores the flaws in anyone...

move on poem

Let me flow | Move on poem

Move on Let me flow with time I want to move on I don’t wanna be stuck in my past let me get out of it I want to move on I don’t know how...

Why am I ? 1

Why am I ?

Why am I not a ray of the sun that touches your skin ? Why am i not the moon which you look through the window ? had i known you love things that...

poem about life

A letter to me

A letter to me.   You don’t even know how much I missed you. Without you, I was a lost soul Full of anger and rage Jealousy and greed trapped in my heart like...

poem about life

Motivational poem He is a superman

Motivational poem “That guy Fat, ugly, bald How fearful he looks He will scare children Stay away from him, he might hurt you”They say. Someone please go and tell them Unlike them He’s a...

Depression, my friend | Poem about depression 3

Depression, my friend | Poem about depression

Poem about depression A friendship of the writer with depression, which he says is a demon inside his head compelling him to give up on life. Read how he overcomes from it. This demon,...


A blind man looking for colors

A poetry about how the black color means peace and the white can be impure. The clouds covered the blue sky that day And the bright day slowly turned dark And the little brown...

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