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What comes in mind needs to be noted, because every thought is an untold story.
Here are a few from me.

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does money really matter 8

Does money really matter ?

Does money really matter in our life?   It was a normal evening for me just like every other day in life. Taking a walk of 12 minutes to the temple on a regular...

New year it was. 0

New year it was.

“It looks so yummy”, she said to herself as she gazed through the window of bakery shop. All those cakes and pastries brought water in her mouth. It was a New Year eve. One...

Clean and clear 0

Clean and clear

Why am i bothered just by thinking about you? It’s not like I’m afraid of losing you, you were never mine in the first place. Then why? Why don’t feel good vibes when i...

Changes 1 4


​Time changes So do people, And as people in our life change, we grow. We grow to be better and mature, but somewhere in our heart lies a feeling; loneliness. I’ve grown up knowing...

Raindrops fall  0

Raindrops fall 

RAINDROPS FALL Raindrops fall. He used to write songs and poems. He first wrote about his first girlfriend and their breakups. A year later he was over her and he’d nothing to write about....

She smiles☺ 3 0

She smiles☺

all about a smile I tell her she is beautiful she smiles. I praise her beauty, her little eyes, her perfect nose, those curves made by her lips. She again smiles. and I hate...

It's A Beautiful Líe 4 0

It’s A Beautiful Líe

me? I’m the one who will be with you since now till the end. I’m the one who’ll try to make you laugh when you’re are sad. I’m the one who’ll make you smile...

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