Changes 1


​Time changes

So do people,

And as people in our life change, we grow.

We grow to be better and mature, but somewhere in our heart lies a feeling; loneliness.

I’ve grown up knowing lots of people. Some I don’t even remember.

Some became friends and some became strangers.

And a very few people became closest to me like there were a family to me.

These are the ones i love as much as i love the ones whose blood runs in my veins.

The best part of my life untill now will be the time in between me leaving high school and going to college. Away from home, i was with my best friends. We used to hangout together every single day.

And in a year or less, everything has changed.

Everyone has walked their own path, completely different from one another. And me, I’m still in the same place not knowing where to go.

Now, we don’t even talk with each other in weeks.Our “Best friend forever” group chats is just a memory. I mean i haven’t seen anyone of them in last couple of months. Its not like we live away from each other but it feels like they have found a new family and I’ve lost mine.

It’s not like I haven’t met new people but none can make me feel the way they did.

I hate how people can easily adjust themselves in any new place, I’m just not good at it.

And I know a river doesn’t flow back but i want to sail backwards. I want to feel those old vibes again.

While they’re busy making new memories for them I’m stuck in the old ones.

4 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. I’m sorry about that my friend. People and out in our lives is pretty normal. I mean, it’s inevitable and it’s sad, but we’ve got to deal with it. 🙂 But I hope your old friends remember you as much you do them.

  2. The only constant thing in life is CHANGE!!!! Some people came in our life to give a lesson, some came so we can teach a lesson to them so be with every change in your life.

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