It’s all about Citrana.

Hello everyone,

It’s really been a long time since I last posted anything on this blog.
Not too much, but I’m ashamed of it, a little.
I didn’t have much to offer you people that was actually worth your time. So I thought to wait until I could give you some nice content. And I was working on myself.

This post is a beginning of a new genre in my blog and it is about illustrations and digital painting. I have just started using Adobe Illustrator, and I am learning it in a slow pace along with few other things that I will share in the right time( who knows when :D).

So, Citrana is a new category in my blog from now on wards. It is a Sanskrit word that means drawings or graphics.

This is the logo/display picture for the category,
which is a brush/pen and the glasses is because I wear them. The power is -5d, for those who are actually reading this caption.

And I also have a new Instagram account for it, which is:


I will be spamming this id in future posts as well, so if you like my work here, do follow it too.

And for those who want to find me on Instagram just search for Arthabihin or click it or just Google it, I mean who else is meaningless and broke, right? 😉

So, Thank you for reading this post

Happy Diwali to all of you.
Enjoy the festival of light and joy.


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