A letter never sent | A letter you’ll never receive


a friend of moon and the stars the clouds in the dark & the cold breeze of the wind ✌😘

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40 Responses

  1. Arooba says:

    Sai hai bai 😀
    Very nice post with nice intention 😃😍

  2. deep. I like it.

  3. Abhí says:

    Thank you ☺☺

  4. Beautiful ❤

  5. It’s beautiful, I can relate to your story. I love this part. “I will always be in the shadows watching your eyes blink, lips smile and will be eagerly waiting to hear the melodies that you’ve kept hidden inside your heart.
    Your heart, i want to explore every corner of it.”

  6. Kishore Jeyachandran says:

    Dude..atleast go tell her..you have feelings for her..you just know her only physically…I was like you, once in my life. Come to reality.. Sorry for being offensive..There is no use in just this feelings.. It can’t take you anywhere..It can get u likes..Give her reason, why should she love you..Now Go Talk to her and Make her feel.the way you feel Abhi..Best Wishes.

  7. Abhi i have nominated you for liebster award

  8. DebFarris says:

    I didn’t want your words to end. So lovely.

  9. Deepti Shah says:

    Wow..This is really amazing..Soothing to ear..✌

  10. Very nice Friend 😁

  11. This was absolutely beautiful and sad. Great job!

  12. malloww says:

    wow!! what a beautiful piece of poetry, i love every bit of it, the finest detail is so incredibly touching and soothing at the same time

  13. graceola says:


  14. Beautiful. Actually one needs to fall in love at least once in a lifetime.

  15. sharolina123 says:

    Such an amazing piece, reminds me of how I once felt about someone! Love it. Sx 🙂

  16. srivastavamitali says:

    Nice romantic and quite flattering. Lked the line lost in the depth of your eyes and curves og your smile.

  17. Muneera says:

    Love. 🖤

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