Hey there, I’m Abhi and welcome to my Life.
Arthabihin is a Sanskrit word where Artha means Meaning and Bihin means Less, hence Meaningless.
And this blog is all about searching the meaning of Life and growing rich in knowledge.
I’m a 21-year-old, trying to fit in the blogging world, looking for new ideas to experience art.
Whether it is poetry, storytelling, music or photography, I want to be a part of all. So, the perfect word to define the niche of this blog would be Art.
Let’s ride to a new adventure of Life.
You and I, together.

What can you find here?

Life is a place for something about everything.
it's a beautiful lie

is the journey we are travelling to contribute our time to the world to make it a better place.

what is love

Read poems, quotes, lyrics, letters, and stories here.


Capturing moments which my eyes want to see again and again.

does money really matter

Words from my heart which I believe needs to be shared.

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