Sundarijal: My 1st travel blog

Writing my 1st travel blog.

Sundarijal my 1st travel blog
Here is a picture of two men at work. It is a step in the process of making various materials like blankets,pillows,mattress and some other stuffs.

I was on a moving bus when I took this picture. It was on 9th July this year. I was on my way to Sundarijal, a beautiful place in Kathmandu, Nepal famous for some small but beautiful waterfalls. Whenever there would be a lot of traffic and vehicles would start to move slowly, I would take out a phone and click random images.


I didn’t notice these pictures before September. When I did, I thought these were good enough to be shared in social media( but not without editing, trust me the originals are the mesh). So I decided to try this new thing. I removed the colors from everything except people and things they were holding (else it might look weird black and gray marks in their hands). Since these were taken from a mobile phone in a moving bus though it was a little slow they have poor quality. Also because I’m not a pro in photography.
But here are some and I hope you like them. I obviously did hence shared this one in my Instagram too.


sundarijal my 1st travel blog
WELCOME TO somewhere on earth
Here is a picture of an entrance gate of Boudhanath Stupa, which is one of the holiest Buddhist sites in  Kathmandu.
A place to find peace.
(I’ll write about it someday for sure) 

And nearly after an hour or more of traffic jam and muddy roads (because it was monsoon) we finally reached the place.

sundarijal my 1st travel blog
Here is a random beautiful picture from the place.

I took this one after I got off the bus. And then we started to walk towards the destination.


writing my first travel blog
Here’s the first major view of the place.
I wonder how the picture those lovely ladies in the right bottom turned out to be.
sundarijal my 1st travel blog
Here is the picture of same place from this monsoon. You can tell this looks completely different and a little better, right?


sundarijal my 1st travel blog
So, apparently most of the people visit the place for this view.
Like I said the waterfalls here are not the large ones. But they definitely look amazing.


writing my first traveel blog
This one <3
It is the one I wanted to share with you people for a long time. 
Lovely, isn’t it?



That was the only picture I could take without anybody on the picture. The place is way more crowded than you can think of. 
Since this place is near to the city, families come here for picnics and to relax.

Although the main spot of the site is the waterfall you just saw, it wasn’t the place where we intended to go.

We walked for another hour and a half uphill. And then here is where we reached.


sundarijal my 1st travel blog

This is the first time I’m trying to write a travel blog. I know it’s not great but still, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Please, drop your suggestions below on how can I improve it.
Thank you for your time,

See some mesmerizing photographs here
Come again.
till then
Have a good time.

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