Since i last heard from you.

Since I last heard from you

A letter about a tale of Love and Loneliness. A love letter of a broken heart.

Since i last heard from you

Dear someone,

I remember, I saw my friends talking to you
They liked you a lot.

I wondered, what was it that made you so special.
After a few years, I saw you again
This time you looked different from the last time I saw
You looked carefree, You were a little shut in before

Only if I knew it back then
That you acted strong
Too hide the storm
That you were trying to escape from.

Was it the fate
Or a mere coincidence
We both made common close friends
And thus after seven long years
Our silence came to an end.
I remember our first chat
After that high school picnic that we had
About the photographs and the crazy way we danced.

Soon I found you closer to me than before
The best friends we were (at least that’s how i refer).
But our talks became smaller,
I remember you used to ask me
Why can’t I drop a message or two like before
Sorry I was with a girl who I thought would be with me forever
But like the tree shed leaves
We fell in that autumn.

That cold winter, you were the one
Who made my heart warm.

Then the summer was there
The city I was in was new
with all of my friends and of course you
Living in a private dorm
Life was showing us new things
And those late night phone calls
I started to grow feelings
I tried my best to hide
But I spilled a few
I was naïve then

Do you still remember the nights
We both talked like there was no tomorrow to come
Hours of phone call
From the dusk till the dawn.

Soon the days stopped showering the light
the nights became darker
Cause you were out of sight
No calls, no texts
Only a picture I could stare
I wasted my days
Living my worst nightmare.

I remember when we last met
That café in the home town
You told me you stayed away
because boyfriend didn’t like me,
And the way you cared.
You said he treats you wrong
You showed me the scars you made in your hands
Just to divert that pain from your heart by making the wounds
Your eyes were full of tears
And your voice was shivering
But you didn’t want to leave in, you were in love.
I couldn’t do a thing to cheer you up
I was already broken
When you said we won’t talk,

I realized how much I loved you
I wanted to confess but it was too late.
You were with someone who you loved
And I had no choice
So I chose to avoid you
After all that was exactly what he wanted you to do
Now months have passed
And it’s been a long time
Since I last heard from you

Hope we’ll share a moment again,
Yours truly.

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