Your smile is my favorite

your smile is my favorite
Never let your smile fade

Your smile is my favorite

Dear someone,
Time changes so do people.

The better they find, the good one they leave.
I’ve been through such things so often that it doesn’t even feel like it’s a big deal anymore.
But when you left, I don’t know why but my whole world devastated.

I still wonder why you left.

Did you find someone better than me?

Or, I wasn’t good for you in the first place.

Remember the days when we used to hang out every single day. Those days were good.
Now even though you see me almost every day, without any greetings you just walk away with your new friends. At least you could smile a little, a little of you is enough for me.

You’re like a sunset, you know. You look so beautiful
every time I see you. Even when you’re surrounded by a crowd of clouds you shine so
beautifully that all I do is just stare at you.

And when I look towards you all I see is a beautiful soul fading, slowly walking away from me.
And your smile fades too.

Your smile is my favorite one. Please don’t let it fade.

_Yours truly.

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