Lines I wrote for you

Lines I wrote for you
lines i wrote for you
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I miss you a lot
and it troubles my heart
when I see you with someone else
it makes my eyes melt
rolling through the cheeks
my tears flow down
and get disappear when they touch the ground
till then the dark turn into dawn

And all day long
I keep on wondering
where all those feelings went
which you once had for me
I’ve forgotten all my rhymes
you can’t even imagine
what im passing through
I’m writing things like
the Lines I Wrote For You

a year has nearly passed
and I’ve been out of my mind
spinning round and round
as if I’m in a rollarcoaster ride
my sights are now hazy
I’m acting like crazy
I stay on bed all the time
but don’t think I’m lazy

I’m trying to get some sleep
cause I don’t want to weep
I want to see you again
but only in my memories
I’m thinking about messages
and all your images
I’m imagining all those things
which I had once been through
I’m thinking about
the Lines I Wrote For You

the feelings you see they are true
you may always stay in my heart
but you can’t see what I’m passing through
and these are the
Lines I Wrote For You

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