I remember

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I remember you

yes i remember

the first day we met I

it was raining on the street

and you were all wet

and then u came running

and stood by my side

and the look on your face

was worth a thousand sight

we both were only the persons

at the bus stop 

waiting for the bus

but neither it came

nor the rain stopped

i was prasing you on my mind

you looked confused but beautiful

that my heart begin to write this rhyme

i wonder why

god creates such precious woman

just to tease me

cause i know i won’t get the one

im jealous of him

that he cann see you all the time

and here im on my balcony

missing your eyes

 there will be a day

when I’ll be no more 

my soul will fade

and depart to heaven from this world

but until my breath ends

i will never ever ever ever ever forget you

i know you even don’t know me

but i will always remember you

i remember you

just like my existence on earth

i remember you

just like i remember the lady who gave me birth

i remember you

just like you remember to put on your smile

and i also remember

the distance in between us is of thousand miles 


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