Because of you

Life quotes
Because of you

and a new day starts

with a lots of memories

of the crazy moments

and some like kind of tragedies

but the good thing is that

life is no more a hell

cause I’ve learnt to read the persons

and i do not feel bad

and you can’t make me upset

cause i no more feed the wrong ones

And these things I’ve learned

is cause you left me

yes because of you

My eyes are wide awake

tears flowing

like water in the lake

don’t know how long

is this thing gonna take

maybe just a while

or little more

but what’s more worst

is im afraid 

to get out of my bed

maybe its just my imagination

that i can’t take risk with my patience

yeah i know i can go out

and look for you 

but i don’t want to

cause a new day starts

with some old memories

of the wasted times and

all those incomplete stories

but the good thing is that

I’m no more sad

cause I’ve learnt to face my problem

and I’ll never feel bad

I’ll no more be sad

cause I’ve learnt how to solve them

And all those awesome things

Now i can do is

only because of you

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