Again today
Something reminded me of you.
It’s not like I had forgotten before
But today is different than yesterday.
Yesterday I thought of you just like any other normal day, I remembered your face, and your smile.
Today, I suddenly recall everything, that too in a couple of seconds. From how we met to how we last saw each other. And it is so weird that I’m having this urge to see you one last time. All the things that I have piled up to say, I want to pour it all down. Slowly, with ease, I want to let go the last string I have been holding up until now. I mean how long am I supposed to safekeep the memories, right?
After a long time, you made me write again. My notes were empty for so long that I don’t recall the last thing I wrote.
It isn’t wrong to admit that you are my muse. But I think its finally time to look somewhere else, for something better. Of course I dare not to replace you with someone below you.
I know it will take sometime, but I will find it.
If not, there is always the moon, right?

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