A letter to myself;

Here’s a letter to myself. I’ve tried to explain all about the changes I’ve felt in me. The good and bad ones.

a letter to myself
A letter to myself

Dear present,
You don’t even know how much I missed you.
Without you, I was a lost soul
Full of anger and rage
Jealousy and greed trapped in my heart like it was some cage

Lust and darkness, they took over my mind
My eyes, the stopped looking for the good
And showed me all the negativity around me
Without you
I thought I was a loser
I couldn’t dare to do any of my chores
For I feared that I would leave it half done.

All I did was mourn for something what I never had,
Something I wasn’t supposed to have
My words, they were so narrow
That the only emotions that escaped with it
Was how sad I was and how lonely I felt.
What a miserable life I was living
I wouldn’t see the bright side of life

Lost faith in myself,
I was no different from a drunk man
who sleeps wherever he falls
without showing any courage to stand up
I was stuck so tight in my past
That I forgot I had
A future waiting for me,
You walking the same path, towards the same destination
Where I was supposed to be.
It was a meaningless life I was living in.

And now that I’ve met you
I no longer feel bad for myself
Instead feel sad for those who walked away from me
Cause they are the ones who lost me
It was their fate to lose a friend a family and love.

And I feel more confident to express me
Not to the world but to myself
I no longer need to lie to me
I no longer say it will be alright
Instead, I believe I will make it right.

I’ve learned the art of accepting my flaws
And turning them into something so beautiful and precious
That whoever sees it has a desire to achieve the same feat.
I now have learned to influence others to do good.

I’ve seen people changing for good.
I don’t feel lonely without people around anymore
Instead, I enjoy the solitude
I search for my limits and surpass them.

Having no one around to talk,
I discovered my way to share my thoughts scribbled in words
To the vast universe.
I have learned what to accept what I receive
And never be satisfied with what I give
It helps me to grow further and further.

No fear posses me anymore
The hatred has turned into pity
The greed and selfishness I was carrying,
They walked away
And when they left, kindness welcomed me.

I now know forgiving is a favor you do to yourself
I no longer judge people
The sex, caste, religion, races, colors and wealth
These are just illusions that keep you from seeing the beauty of the reality.
I’ve learned revenge and evilness are the things that make you ugly
Else, with a pure heart, you are the most beautiful person in the world.
I’ve learned the power of love, how it changes the perception of people, for good
And spreads peace and bliss.

I do not lie any more
I do not ask for promises
And it doesn’t matter to me if promises are not keep
Cause they are meant to be broken

You don’t need to swear to make others believe in your words
Have trust in them and they will have a faith to keep.

Where the world is looking for wealth, fame and power
I seek happiness and peace
Cause I have awakened wisdom in me
I chose become wise.

And I chose to give a meaning to this Life
And all of this happened because I met you

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4 thoughts on “A letter to myself;

  1. I do also believe I don’t need other to believe me and I definitely do not need to proof to anyone because someone upthere is my witness. Also, I believe I don’t havae to show everyone who I am but only to those who really can trust. I used b&w photography as an example. You know exactly what you will get, negative comments) if you show it to people who totally dislike b&w so why bother to show them. Show to those who would appreicate you! Thank you for sharing this special letter!! 🙂

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