A little motivation ?

life is a vast universe

many things to discover

but i know we only

spend our time on same things forever

but for once let yourself flow

take your heart to the place it wants to go

just turn you eyes on

and see what nature is about to show



don’t think of others

many will come and leave

follow your dreams

do what you believe

don’t worry for anything

always have some faith

god will be guiding you

until your last breath

you may fall

time to time

but don’t feel pissed

search for peace and

you’ll find bliss

set your target a place

where you want to reach

make your goals the things

which you want to acheive

learn from all the

mistakes that your ever make

always be simple

don’t try to be a rake

be sweet as honey

white as snow

always have some self confidence

never say no

stay silent and clam

no need to shout

never think to give up

even if you are worn out

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