A pencil, sharpener and cassette

She was a vessel
Full of melodies
Her voice could make everyone dance of their feet
Sometimes jolly her songs were,
Sometimes they were sweet
Sometimes romantic or sad
But she was always a bliss.
I, on the other hand
Was just a body with a black lead
Who could only write about her beauty, kindness
Charisma and glories.

We were both different from each other
I was an alien for her
Even for me, she was an another species
Yet, everyday when the sun went down for her
She used to come to me
And we jam together
She used to sing what
I used to write for her
Then we used to make love so wild
And just lay down
Holding each other

Seasons changed and
So did the year
The nights of love were about to disappear
One day she revealed it was the last day
We won’t be now meeting again
Why so suddenly, I asked to unveil
I am going far,
My time is up she claimed.
But what about me
When I asked,
She said life is too short
To stay in one place
You will understand it too,
I hope someday.

She was a bard, she was supposed to travel
Across the realms yet to be unravelled
To share love and happiness, and
All the songs that spread courage
I didn’t stop her
But waved goodbye
If the universe wants
We will meet again someday

For years then I stayed alone
Broken from my head to toe
Then some day, suddenly
This lady she came
Helped me stand up straight
And took me in her arms
When I was scared
At a time when everyone tried to erase
The memories I painted
And the stories I cared

I had someone
To write about
To make words from my thoughts
Time slowly continued its pace
Her and I were together in the race.
She was a beauty
Not just in word
She had some curves
To literally die for
And a dead man I already was
I was so stuck
It was like the universe favoured my luck

She and I living our days
Loving each other every day of week
For no matter how old I was
She always made me reach my peak
But slowly I realized
Something is different
Like my life was sucked out of me
She did nothing but made me work
Like I was a slave that she bought with love
I grew old, weak so fast
It was hard to tell how long I’ll last
And soon one day
It all came to end
A tale of
I, a pencil
She, a sharpener
And my first love cassette.

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