You do.


I tremble when i see you with someone else.

I remember the old times when you were mine

I sometime forget that you went away

I’m afraid that I’ve lost track of time

I look at your pictures and get lost in it for hours

I miss the way you flip your hairs

I want to argue with you about all the nonsense stuff just like we used to

I hoped to find the woman i used to love.

I wished that someday I will ask you that one question and you will say you do.

18 thoughts on “You do.

  1. I sometime forget that you went away — simple yet so powerful words.
    Thank you (and thank you for having visited my blog. I will come back here).

  2. BTW, if u feel lonely, or r missing someone, I suggest you should check out my site for the poem titled ‘BFF’, if u wish to. I am looking forward to read more of your posts. 🙂

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