A real human

a real human

“That guy
Fat, ugly, bald
How scary he looks
He will scare children
Stay away from him, he might hurt you” you say.

Let me please tell you
Unlike you
He’s a hard worker
He is a bread-winner
The people who know him personally
Know how cool he is
Always with a smile on his face
He greets everyone
Never has anyone heard him talking ill of others

He struggles every day
Sweeps the roads
Cleans the city
The places you proudly call your home
He is the guardian angel to you
And you call him sick?
Without him in your life
You are the one who will be full of disease
He exceeds the qualities of being a normal human

Unlike you, he’s kind
From a little money he earns
He feeds the poor,
Takes care of the animals
whom you kick and throw pebbles at,
He treats the wounds you give to them
And those beings, they love him
Cause they know
He’s not an ordinary
Unlike you
He is a real human.

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