An addiction you’ve become.


I saw you

In my dreams the other night

You looked gorgeous,  i swear

I never saw you so beautiful in real life.

I was leaving for somewhere in the dream

But you asked me to stay

As you held my hand

“What is the hurry, my love
Can’t you spend some time with me ?”
You asked.

I don’t know where i was supposed to go

But i didn’t.

I stayed.

I sat by your side and looked in your eyes.

The small & black & beautiful

Your eyes are beautiful.

And your smile,

The most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

And that’s the last thing remember.

Time and again

You make me realize

How vulnerable i am

When you’re not around.

My weakness, you are.

An addiction, you’ve become.

3 thoughts on “An addiction you’ve become.

  1. This was such a beautifully written piece! <3
    It was so relatable and you've captured the essence of that feeling so perfectly in your words
    Looking forward to reading more from you, Abhi!

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