Dealing with depression | Poem, Overcome it.

Dealing with depression 

Hope this inspires you a little.
Depression is a major problem in today’s life. Here are my few words on it. I know a poem doesn’t help to get over depression but knowing how one person is dealing with depression can surely give courage to someone who needs it. 

dealing with depression
This demon inside my head.

This demon, a prisoner in my head

Claims that it is my friend
Keeps me from sleeping in the night
Talks to me
Says it isn’t worth it
Trying hard, hoping one-day things will turn right
Asks me to stop clinging to my dreams
To make them true
Says it is too difficult to survive, this life

It says
People will haunt me
If I speak they will torture me with their words
My failure, It will keep me on their highlight
Backstabbing me every chance they will get
They will blame me, for doing the things that they were afraid

Thinking out of the box is a crime they believe
They will blame me
Say I was born to bring shame to my family
My family,
Hoping for me to get a job,
Go to the office every day for a good salary,
Marry a woman of their choice and
Let them build a gallery to show to the society

The society blinded by their old norms, superstition
And Religions
The society still stuck on the old-time
Where being an artist was a crime
All they long for was
The number of property
To redeem their poverty
It’s all about the quantity
The side where the number of more people live
Was right
And what was left was a loser,

So my friend says
Just give up on them
Give up on life
Humanity, it has come to an extinction.
I think for a while and smile
And tell him
What’s fun being alive

Fearing, every step we take
Had we given up fighting
We would have died when we were in wild
But we fought and survived
Evolved, gave a meaning to humanity
And now when it’s finally the time
To level up the game

How can I take a step back
Dishonor my name
Give a chance to me
You won’t be trapped in my mind

I’ll set you free
Try a little hard and everything will turn out to be fine.
I can do this
I will do this
Put just a little faith in me
Motivate me to walk ahead
Instead of being a setback for me
Be my stairs, let me climb to the success
Let me meet my freedom.

Those who haven’t been a victim of depression might not take the illness seriously
but those who have, know how hard it can be to overcome it. There are hundreds of people giving up on their life because they can’t fight it. So, my request to all of you is please listen.
Listen to those voices, talk to them, tell them they are strong and they will be fine.

Words have power, use it for good.

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