Her hand in mine

When the mountains echoed her voice
I remember those days
when we used to hold hands
look at the sky
gazed the stars at nights
and the moon shining bright.

Where are those days now,
I often find myself asking the question
Has she gone far
or am I lost in the time
This journey I begun
after she waved her last goodbye
How far have I come
I look back and realize
Its been so long,
yet it seems like yesterday
How weird is the time
Oh! I miss your hands in mine.

Don’t ask me how many miles have I covered
After she left me & I left the place in her heart
I  can’t tell you the kilometers,
but I can count the minutes
since I last saw her smile
See, I travel in time and live in the moments
So I can tell you about the very first day we met
and the words we first exchanged
I can tell you how beautiful was her smile
I can tell you how warm it felt
When her hand was in mine.

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