Loneliness and me.

Loneliness and me

I found myself dwelling in the past
looking for the remains of the old me
wondering, how I used to feel.

What I found was

The love in my blood had drained
The trust I had in people had died
And the loneliness had embraced me
Since the night I stayed awake and cried.

Should I fear it, I questioned
What makes me a human, I don’t feel it anymore
Its been a while since I have felt a touch

I haven’t been touched in a while
touched by kindness
touched by love
touched by affection
I’m locked inside a prison of isolation

No one has come to see me yet
No one tried to free me yet
No one seems to be bothered by my absence
No one cares if I’m doing okay or not.

So I’ve decided to adopt it
Embrace the loneliness to use it for good.

I shut myself in
far away from the world
from the world where nobody cared anything I said

I start to live on my own
inside a big empty hall,
I start to explore,
explore the walls
see if they can protect me
or can they be broken by the storm

The storm lurking outside
waiting for me to go out
so it can devour me from inside

I live by myself
drawing, writing, praying.
drawing poetry, writing stories and saying my prayers
so I can learn to appreciate my solitude
and turn my flaws into art.

18 thoughts on “Loneliness and me.

  1. “The love in my blood had drained
    The trust I had in people had died”
    These two lines touched me so deeply, Abhi. You’ve expressed so well some moments of my life, and I’m sure those of others. Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much for your words. I feel grateful for what you’ve said.
      And I’m really sorry for the late response. I somehow missed your comment.

  2. Have you read Sherry Turkle’s Reclaiming Conversations: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age? In her book, Sherry suggests that the cure to loneliness is to be become comfortable with being alone. Sherry is of the opinion that people are lonely because today, no one talks to be alone. It’s interesting how, in the poem, you chose solitude in the time of loneliness.
    Keep writing. I would like to read more of your work.


    1. Hey Aditya,
      Thank you for mentioning the book, I haven’t read it but I will surely check it now. And I appreciate your comment. I really am glad that you enjoyed reading it. Thank you 🙂
      And please do keep reading & sharing your opinions, it really helps me.

  3. Nah…. You’re still there, just as you were from the beginning. Life’s difficulties can run our batteries down. Living in a world that is forgetting what it means to really be alive can be a trying experience. But within that, we have the opportunity to begin again, remember what it was like to be a child, but move forward and onward.

    1. This is so true. Life is all about moving on and appreciating good things and good people. <3
      Thank you for your time 🙂

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