Habits die hard (… Moon, full of scars)

Fell for her when i was 10 year old
Couldn’t speak cause i wasn’t much bold
A couple of years later, i chose  a new path
Came across many people in the road

But then all of sudden
I saw her after like four years
I couldn’t feel any joy nor the tears
I’ve moved on, i thought on my mind
there was someone else who i thought was made for me
So i never cared to talk to her again this time
But time had planned to drown me deep
Eventually she became close to me
She used say i was her best friend
What we’ve is something that can never end
So i thought I had someone whom i could love
She helped me laugh when I forgot to smile
I feel guilty that i didn’t confess my feelings for her
And now she is with someone else
Far away like a hundred miles

Heard from friends
She has a beautiful life
with a boy who wants to make her his wife
I guess,

And there was a time when i wanted to be with her
It took me a while to move on cause habits die hard
Maybe i was a fool to think to be with a star
When i have a heart like a moon, full of scars

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