I’m talking with the wind
Cause The Human Doesn’t Cares
Im Sharing My Boredom
With The Sun about to disappear
with the forests in my sides
and a bunch of unknown
i travel
and the journey is long
im staring at a kid
cause adults don’t care
im sitting alone & quiet
though I’ve got my friends here
with the lands and houses in my sides
and some never seen strangers
i travel
for the journey with no danger

wanna throw pebbles to the sky
but it can’t reach to the god
wanna ask him why
he’s always being a fraud
with the rivers in my sides
and being surrounded by the sharks
i travel
and the day is turning into dark
my best friend is in front
my lady love is in the left
im sitting with no fun
and the blues doesn’t rest
with some new places
and some villages never been before
i travel
and know It will take me some ages

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