Why we can’t be friends


Will it ever be same like before

You ask

Let me tell you why we can’t be friends anymore

Let’s go back in the time

And rewind some pages from memories of mine

All the times you smiled

All the times you cried

Well i don’t find it anymore

You don’t need my shoulder to shed tears

You don’t grab my hands when you’re in fear

You don’t need me to make you laugh

Then tell me, why should i stick around.

You don’t care why i laugh

You don’t care when i cry

You don’t miss me when I’m away

It’s like you aren’t even trying

Darling you know

You can’t clap with only one hand

I’m like just another guy you once met

We were never destined to walk together

No never

And all these years I’ve been hoping

You will cherish the moments,

the good times

Was it in my fate

That you would forget me

When you meet some new names

You walked away

While i cried in the rain

Shivering in fear

That life would never be same

But it never mattered to you, right

Then why do you care now

When i say we can’t be friends anymore.

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