Does he know?

a heartbreak poem

Does he know how lovely you are ?

Does he know about nail paints you like the most
Does he know about that time when you got lost

Does he know about your first crush,
The time when you felt adrenaline rush
Does he know which music you like
Does he know that you sing beautifully
Even if you don’t try,
too hard

Does he know about your sudden cravings for ice creams
Does he know that unlike me, a cockroach can’t make you scream

does he know how lovely you are ?

Does he know how beautiful you look
When your hair falls near your right cheek
Does he know that whenever you blush
you bite your lower lip
Does he know about how we met
Have you told me about our heartbreak
The time when i cried
When you went away.

5 thoughts on “Does he know?

  1. I find it fascinating that something as basic as paying attention to your other half can be overlooked so easily, and when noticed makes such a difference to the relationship. If he’s not noticing, what was he noticing then?

    1. What you said is true. Still you really need to be in love with someone to notice his/her little things. The physical attraction won’t let you think of anything else but lust. But if you’re in love, it truly changes the way of living with someone.

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