A beautiful memory

A beautiful memory.

He looked at the moon and then to the streets. A lovely couple were walking, holding hands and smiling. He smiled, thought how beautiful life was when he had her in his life.
Again he got lost in his memories.


He remembered the first day she talked to him and the time they became a little closer and started texting each other. They used to talk everyday, every night. He used to stay awake late in nights just to talk to her and she did the same.
Months passed and they only became closer and closer. So close that she trusted him more than her any other friends and he, he fell in love with her. He was so deep in love that everything he did was for her. Unlike before, he had a life now. He started thinking about future, his studies and all those necessary stuffs.
         One day, he confessed his feelings for her. But  she told him that they couldn’t be anything more than just being friends. She said that she cared for him but couldn’t feel the way he feels for her. He didn’t want to lose her so he remained a friend. She used to share her everything with him, every incident that happened in her childhood, everything that was happening then. He did nothing different either. There wasn’t a day when they didn’t text. I wonder why didn’t he ever called her or talked to her in real.
        Time passed but his feelings for her were only getting stronger and she didn’t show any sign to change her mind. So he asked her that they should stop texting each other and blocked her number. Now the days seemed to be longer and night lonelier. It was very hard for him to spend a single second. He couldn’t hold it anymore so he removed her number from the blacklist. He was about to text her and then he received a text message. It was from her. She scolded him saying how worried she was. She warned him not to repeat such things or she would never talk to him.
Wonder why, but it made him smile. That night
She confessed her love for him too.

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