The moon

The sun is dreaming

And I’m awake

Talking to the moon and the stars 

About her.

The moon talks about her smile.

“It’s beautiful” , it says.

“I haven’t seen it for a while”, i reply with a frown in my face.

They all laugh.

I hear the stars giggle

Although it wasn’t loud and they are a bit far from us.

” I can see her right now,” it teases me “from up here, she is sound asleep and dreaming”.

“so do i”, i hear a bird saying.

Or perhaps it was trying to say it.

“Dreaming ?

How do you know ?” I ask.

“I can even tell you about the person she’s dreaming ” says the moon

“Can you ?

”Is it me ? ” I questioned it again.

“Umm.. i can’t say that.

You’re not supposed to know about others dream”, It teases me again.

“Huh ! You can look into her dream and i can’t even know what it’s about. That’s not fair”, i complain.

“but you get to talk to her

to walk by her side”,

It says sadly “but i only get to see her sleeping.

i too want to walk around her, see her laughing.

i too want to console her when she gets upset”.

“you’re the lucky one kid, blessed by her presence” it smiles.

i smile at him too.

“time for me to dream about her, i whisper slowly”,

“i can hear you”, it winks.

i wave the moon a goodbye

& cuddle with the pillow again, trying to get some sleep.

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