New year it was.

“It looks so yummy”, she said to herself as she gazed through the window of bakery shop. All those cakes and pastries brought water in her mouth.


It was a New Year eve. One could see the town glowing, decorated like a bride. The sun was about to set and my friend, moon was already in the sky. Cold breeze ran across the place, winter it was. The birds were flying to their nest, perhaps the clouds were too. Kids running in the streets with their parents walking behind them carrying shopping bags. Today everyone was going to have delicious meal. After all, it was the first day of the year.

While all these great things were happening, our little girl was still looking at those sweets. All i know about this is she was a beautiful child who lost her parents in earthquake and was abandoned by her relatives and neighbors. All she had to call her own was a friend.
This friend of her was very precious to her which she didn’t choose to be friend with. No one ever saw this friend of hers. What keeps me wondering even now is everyone important left her alone but why this friend of her didn’t. It was never with her when she smiled and now she used to cry because of the friend. But she couldn’t leave it. Even God didn’t dare to take it away from her. She never wanted to show it to other so she hid it inside her.
Let me introduce this friend to you.
They called it Hunger, I guess.

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And as she her eyes were lost in those sweets her friend said something she couldn’t understand.
It spoke a different language. But she was pretty much sure what it meant. It asked for something to eat. A little bit of anything would’ve been enough for this little child and her friend but she knew she couldn’t afford it.
And she left with a little raindrops in her eyes in search of another friend whom they call money, i guess


a friend of moon and the stars the clouds in the dark & the cold breeze of the wind ✌😘

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