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Blue mimosa

They call it blue, But i see purple. Advertisements



You don’t need toys to build memories. All the good things that lie around you are what you should cherish.

How it felt to be loved 4

How it felt to be loved

I’ve forgotten   That touch of yours,   The way you held my hand   Played with my hairs   And pinch me in the cheeks. I’ve forgotten   That voice of yours,  ...

Her hand in mine 9

Her hand in mine

When the mountains echoed her voice I remember those days when we used to hold hands & look at the sky gazed the stars at nights and the moon shining bright. Where are those...

arthabihin 9

Something that you had.

something I wanted something that you had something I gave you something you broke into little pieces smaller than drops of my tear Couldn’t hold you forever cause you pretended being near and now you’re...

Money matters 7

Money matters

money matters. It was a normal evening for me just like every other day in life. Taking a walk of 12 minutes to the temple on a regular basis, spending some time with friends,...

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