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Waking up before the sun does

Let’s go far away Somewhere we can leave the pain behind Let’s go to a place Somewhere we can see the sunshine ☺ Advertisements

Moon photography 😄 0

Moon photography 😄

I don’t know why but just a glimpse of it always makes me feel better…   if you ever feel lonely, just look at it. It is alone, sometimes surrounded by the dark clouds,...

Perfection of your simle 0

Perfection of your simle

i want you to see your reflection In my eyes i want to see the perfection of your smile but when you turn your face away from me tell me baby how would i...

Because of you 0

Because of you

and a new day starts with a lots of memories of the crazy moments and some like kind of tragedies but the good thing is that life is no more a hell cause I’ve...

Am i so bad ? 3

Am i so bad ?

am i so bad that you regret on making me your first choice am i so bad that my voice sounds you like any other noise but girl i never ever wanted to hurt...



how can you move on so easily i am passing through the hell was it supposed to be like this or is there any curse that you spelled but no more hate and no...

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