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Haunts in the night 14

Haunts in the night

a short poem. The same person who used to light up your world is now the one who haunts you in the nights And those you hated for no reason in past, Sometimes make...

Is that all 1 22

Is that all

just a text from you

Erased 4 36


  He has been forgotten, No one remembers the old days His has been erased from the list of their names He received no greetings From the old pals How sad it is He’s...

Slowly.. 11


slowly slowly you came into my life slowly slowly you entered in my heart slowly slowly you played with my feelings but the worst was when slowly slowly you tore them in parts And...

I remember 5 2

I remember

yes i remember the first day we met I it was raining on the street and you were all wet and then u came running and stood by my side and the look on...

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