Raindrops fall 

Raindrops fall  1


Raindrops fall.

He used to write songs and poems.

He first wrote about his first girlfriend and their breakups.

A year later he was over her and he’d nothing to write about.

And when he fell in love with this new girl, the words started spilling again in his diaries.

And this time it felt good.

The old ones described the pain, sorrows and tears but the new ones were different. They reminded him how wonderful it feels to be in love, again.

Nearly after a week, he was in his bed trying to figure out something to write

But all the feelings he had for her were already written. All frustrated he closed his diary and went to talk to his old pal, The Moon.

He sat on his terrace floor looking in the sky.

The moon shone even more brighter. It looked like it was waiting for him too and smiled when he arrived.

He looked to the moon, smiled and looked for the stars. He could barely see any. The sky was flooded with clouds, the dark ones but somehow the moon managed to float on the surface.

He mumbled something and then he was lost in his thoughts.

Soon it started raining.

He was thinking of her and wondered if she liked the raindrops falling.

“slowly like the whistle of the wind

i hear her voice

while the raindrops fall

i run for the shelter

but she plays in the rain

she doesn’t care at all

oh she is beautiful

much more than a rose

And she is kind

i want to stay her close

the mirror admits

she’s the prettiest of all

and the nature wants to touch her

so the raindrops fall.”

He wrote.

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