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She’s gone.

Say no to sucides

you were watching

when she cried

you wanted to console her

but you couldn’t

because she belonged to someone else

you watched

when he cheated on her

you wanted to tell her the truth

but you couldn’t

because you knew it would break her heart

you saw her bruises

the marks on her hands

wounds on her arms

you got angry

wanted to punch him in his face

but you couldn’t

cause she stopped you from doing that

you loved her

but she loved him

you knew that won’t change

still you always loved her

you knew he hurts her

you wanted to stop that

but you couldn’t

cause she loved him more than anyone else

but with time

she got fed up

she got tired 

of trying to be happy

to put a fake smile for the world

so she decided to leave it

leave the world and she did, she left

and all you did was

you just watched

and all you did is you just watched

cause you loved her and now she is dead

but don’t worry

now she is free

free from all the abuses

now her heart won’t break anymore

and the best part is

she became a star

the one that shines the brightest

now she will see from the heaven 

she will see

who cries cause she is gone

who feels that he’s alone

who loved her when there was no one

yes she will see that person

but she is gone

and it might have never happened

Read-  Rain

if you had stopped her from making wrong decisions

no, her parents won’t blame you

neither this society will

but what about you

won’t you blame yourself

don’t you think it happened cause you just watched

cause you loved her and were afraid that she won’t ever talk to you if you ask her to leave him

had you talked to her about her problems

she might would have known

that someone was there, to listen her

to listen to the screams which she hide inside her

it might would have stopped her

from committing such a crime to herself

cause she would have realized someone was there to lend her a hand

when she would have fallen down

who would have made her stand back on the ground

she never knew

but now she does

she believes that you were the one who truly loved her

she regrets for not feeling what you had for her

but she is cool

she found her peace

her soul now rests with no pain

but does yours

can you sleep

knowing​ that

she is gone

amd you’re left alone

and you’ve got a whole life ahead

to blame yourself that

you just watched


This might be a story about a female but i want to request all of you

To take of your loved ones,

To stand with them when they need you the most,

To let them know that as long as you are there they’ll never get lost,

To appreciate their presence in your life

Read-  Fly

To let know there might be pain today but it will heal with time

To tell them good days come you just have to believe


To tell them that they are beautiful and they make world a better place to live ✌.

Share this thought in your life, let them know you care

Before its too late.


a friend of moon and the stars the clouds in the dark & the cold breeze of the wind ✌😘


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