Something that you had.

something I wanted
something that you had
something I gave you
something you broke

into little pieces smaller than
drops of my tear
Couldn’t hold you forever
cause you pretended being near
and now you’re gone leaving me alone

something you returned me
something that was mine
something you said to me
something that last time

you gave my heart back
full of wounds and scars
you said that you loved me
before you went so far
and now im alone waiting for you to come home

something we had
something between us
something you broke
something we called trust

when you said that you love me
& then left me for someone else
when you betrayed me time to time
made my life worse than hell
and now I’ve moved on ahead from that time and I wish that if you’d never been mine

something that we never had
something we never got
something that something


I wrote this poem as a guest writer for tantrumfits.
Lipi Gupta, 
a friend of mine from India has some great poems and stories for you.

visit Tantrumfits and do support her.

Thank you &

have a beautiful  day ahead.

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a friend of moon and the stars the clouds in the dark & the cold breeze of the wind ✌😘


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