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what is love


What is love ? Say,Why do you believe you have never been loved?Do you know it has always been there with you?Do you have any idea how easily you fall in it?And why is...

She smiles. 2

She smiles.

She smiles and I hate it. I tell her she is beautiful.she smiles.I praise her beauty, her little eyes, her pointed nose and that perfect curve made by her lips.She smiles.and I hate it.Actually...

Why am I ? 4

Why am I ?

Why am I not a ray of the sun that touches your skin ? Why am i not the moon which you look through the window ? had i known you love things that...

poem about life

A letter to me

A letter to me.   You don’t even know how much I missed you. Without you, I was a lost soul Full of anger and rage Jealousy and greed trapped in my heart like...

A picture from the bridge 6

A picture from the bridge

A picture from the bridge that separates to major cities; Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal and Lalitpur a city full of their own beautiful culture.


A blind man looking for colors

A poetry about how the black color means peace and the white can be impure. The clouds covered the blue sky that day And the bright day slowly turned dark And the little brown...

Lines I wrote for you 8

Lines I wrote for you

Lines I wrote for you I miss you a lot and it troubles my heart when I see you with someone else it makes my eyes melt rolling through the cheeks my tears flow...

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