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Purple & the Silver 1

Purple & the Silver

I saw purple Thought it was the royalty calling me to be their king But who could have guessed it was the mystery I’d get trapped in. I then saw a silver I thought...

You do. 2 18

You do.

I tremble when i see you with someone else. I remember the old times when you were mine I sometime forget that you went away I’m afraid that I’ve lost track of time I...

I remember 4 2

I remember

yes i remember the first day we met I it was raining on the street and you were all wet and then u came running and stood by my side and the look on...

Ceiling of my room 5 0

Ceiling of my room

How much i miss you? Ask to the ceiling of my room, it knows how many nights I’ve spent staring at it Thinking about you.

Habits die hard (… Moon, full of scars) 4

Habits die hard (… Moon, full of scars)

Fell for her when i was 10 year old Couldn’t speak cause i wasn’t much bold A couple of years later, i chose  a new path Came across many people in the road But...

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