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A picture from the bridge 1 0

A picture from the bridge

A picture from the bridge that separates to major cities; Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal and Lalitpur a city full of their own beautiful culture.

Lines I wrote for you 3

Lines I wrote for you

I miss you a lot and it troubles my heart when i see you with someone else it makes my eyes melt rolling through the cheeks my tears flow down and get disappear when...

The moon 2 0

The moon

​ The sun is dreaming And I’m awake Talking to the moon and the stars  About her. The moon talks about her smile. “It’s beautiful” , it says. “I haven’t seen it for a...

Stay 4 2


  Stay by my side For a while Show me a moment to cherish Don’t go away Shine you’re the sun and I’m your rays You’re the blessing of my prayers Without you I’ll...

miss you 5 0

miss you

shiny rays fall upon my eyes when I open them to see your smile and there comes a frown in my face when I don’t find you by my side the fire burns in my brain...

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