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The moon 1 0

The moon

​ The sun is dreaming And I’m awake Talking to the moon and the stars  About her. The moon talks about her smile. “It’s beautiful” , it says. “I haven’t seen it for a...

Moon photography 😄 0

Moon photography 😄

I don’t know why but just a glimpse of it always makes me feel better…   if you ever feel lonely, just look at it. It is alone, sometimes surrounded by the dark clouds,...

Perfect. 3 2


how can you move on so easily i am passing through the hell was it supposed to be like this or is there any curse that you spelled but no more hate and no...

Raindrops fall  0

Raindrops fall 

RAINDROPS FALL Raindrops fall. He used to write songs and poems. He first wrote about his first girlfriend and their breakups. A year later he was over her and he’d nothing to write about....

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