A pencil, sharpener and cassette

She was a vesselFull of melodiesHer voice could make everyone dance of their feetSometimes jolly her songs were,Sometimes they were sweetSometimes romantic or sadBut she was always a bliss.I, on the other handWas just a body with a black leadWho could only write about her beauty, kindnessCharisma and glories. We were both different from each [...]

You need to stay.

I've been thinking for a long timeI've been wondering if i should give up on youyou don't seem to care for meyou don't text me anymore like you used toDon't you want me in your lifeyour presence is decreasing  day by dayis there anything that hurts youwhy are you taking our relation to a graveyou [...]

A real human

"That guy Fat, ugly, bald How scary he looks He will scare children Stay away from him, he might hurt you" you say. Let me please tell you Unlike you He's a hard worker He is a bread-winner The people who know him personally Know how cool he is Always with a smile on his face [...]