Her hand in mine

When the mountains echoed her voice I remember those days when we used to hold hands & look at the sky gazed the stars at nights and the moon shining bright. Where are those days now, I often find myself asking the question Has she gone far or am I lost in the time This [...]

Something that you had.

something I wanted something that you had something I gave you something you broke into little pieces smaller than drops of my tear Couldn't hold you forever cause you pretended being near and now you're gone leaving me alone something you returned me something that was mine something you said to me something that last time [...]

Gray or the Red.

A blind man's search for colors. I saw the gray color Thought everything was back to normal But who could have guessed it was cloud gathering at a place To drench me in the rain. I then saw the red Thought i finally got some love But who could have guessed It was the wound [...]