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Perfection of your simle 0

Perfection of your simle

i want you to see your reflection In my eyes i want to see the perfection of your smile but when you turn your face away from me tell me baby how would i...

Because of you 0

Because of you

and a new day starts with a lots of memories of the crazy moments and some like kind of tragedies but the good thing is that life is no more a hell cause I’ve...

New year it was. 0

New year it was.

“It looks so yummy”, she said to herself as she gazed through the window of bakery shop. All those cakes and pastries brought water in her mouth. It was a New Year eve. One...

miss you 1 0

miss you

shiny rays fall upon my eyes when I open them to see your smile and there comes a frown in my face when I don’t find you by my side the fire burns in my brain...

Midnight- A long distance relationship song 2 2

Midnight- A long distance relationship song

A long distance relationship song I know you are wide awake cause i can’t sleep and i know you are missing me cause i can feel the tears falling down to the ground rolling across...

It's A Beautiful Líe 3 0

It’s A Beautiful Líe

me? I’m the one who will be with you since now till the end. I’m the one who’ll try to make you laugh when you’re are sad. I’m the one who’ll make you smile...

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